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The Top Reviewed Dog Health Insurance Companies

Across the country, Americans spend around $100 billion every year on their pets! Nearly a third of that amount comes from veterinary services and products.

With dog health insurance, your chances of unexpected vet bills decrease drastically. Though it costs a little every month, it becomes an expense you can budget for, not a surprise bill.

But there are countless pet insurance companies across the country. How are you supposed to know which will be best for your dog?

Though there are thousands of names out there, a few stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here is our brief guide to the best pet insurance companies for 2022.


Embrace’s reputation, earned over many years, makes it one of the most popular choices.

Due to that, they can charge more. Their rates are higher than the average insurance policy. But there are five levels of deductibles to choose from which can affect your monthly bill.

On average, they process claims within 5 days. And their coverage is very extensive, including capped dental payouts and international travel.

It’s an expensive option, but your dog will be in good hands.

Pets Best

Pets Best has more affordable plans that still offer excellent coverage.

Especially noteworthy is their coverage of curable pre-existing conditions after just 180 days. Most of their competitors will only cover this after one year without symptoms! And there's no upper age limit on insuring your pets.

Their claims processing is longer; between 10-30 days. But for some, their reasonable prices make it worth it.


Lemonade is a newcomer to pet insurance. But they’re pitching themselves as the most affordable solution. Using AI technology to handle the process, claims can be handled as quickly as 2 days!

Their policies are missing some bells and whistles, like an all-hours vet helpline. And some customers will miss the human side of insurance. But if you’re looking for a simple, efficient, budget-friendly solution, this is the one.


Figo is competing with Lemonade to offer low prices. One thing that makes them stand out is that nearly half of all claims are processed within 24 hours!

Despite their low cost, they cover claims like behavioral therapy and holistic therapies. And you have 24/7 access to veterinarians through their app.

All in all, Figo may not be quite as affordable as Lemonade, but their coverage is wider.

After You've Chosen Dog Health Insurance

Once you’ve got your dog health insurance sorted, you can rest easy knowing your dog will get good care! But sometimes, we need a helping hand to take care of ourselves.

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